We encourage all pupils to contribute to school music in some way, whether through singing in a school choir or by playing an instrument. We firmly believe that studying music from an early age helps develop concentration, co-ordination and confidence. It is also great fun!

Miss Rose, a dedicated and enthusiastic musician, is our Music Leader. We are also supported by our specialist music teacher, Mr Belecher, who support our whole class music, choirs and ukulele group.

Our children enjoy singing and form our whole school choir. It meets weekly to learn singing techniques and to practise its wide repertoire of modern and classic music. Twice taking part in the amazing Young Voices mass choir of 6000 children held at the O2 Arena.


Our older children enjoy their ukulele group once a week. We also have a choir which meets once a week during curriculum time. The children sing at regular events, including the CLP Advent Concert in Somerton and in every Collective Worship and special church service.


Years 4, 5 and 6 children enjoy weekly ukulele lessons led by our specialist music teacher. These lessons and instrument hire are funded by the school, with some funding made available through the Wider Opportunities Music scheme and school funds. We are also fortunate to have a small fund called the Brymer Trust, which supports music tuition and can help with the cost of lessons and instrument hire. Parents may apply for support from the Brymer Trust.

​Individual and small-group tuition is also available for any pupils interested in a wide range of other string, wind and percussion instruments and singing lessons.