Our maximum school roll is 104. We follow the Local Authority Admission arrangements. For more information visit the starting school page on Somerset County Council's Website.

Our catchment area includes the villages of Charlton Mackrell, Charlton Adam and Kingsdon - currently a free bus service for those pupils living in Kingsdon is available.

The following are key features of the admission policy:

  • Parents/carers can express up to three preferences.

  • Each community and voluntary controlled school across the authority has a specific catchment area. Parents can determine from the catchment area the school at which their child has priority for admission.

  • Priority will be given to local children over siblings who live outside the catchment area.

  • A place will be allocated on the basis of a pupil’s home address. For a Somerset address to be taken into consideration, children concerned must be resident in Somerset on or before the published closing date. Where a school is over-subscribed, evidence of house moves will always need to be substantiated by corroborating evidence, such as exchange of contract or letting/tenancy agreement.

  • The over-subscription criteria for all community and voluntary controlled schools support the inclusion of children in the care of the local authority, children with special educational needs, family church links (should the applicant wish their child to attend a church school) and use a straight line method for measuring distance between the preferred school and home address

To apply for a place during the school year, please contact the school office.